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We are a spine specialist website design and internet marketing company. We will develop you a free spine specialist website and market your website so new patients can find you on the internet.

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  • >Orthopedic Website Design

    A professional orthopedic website serves as a wonderful representative of your office. Without one, not only are you invisible on the Internet, but new patients will choose another eyecare office simple because they do have a professional site.

    At DoctorsInternet.com, we design quality orthopedic websites while charging $0 upfront. Our web designers are a mix of artists, programmers and SEO professionals. We combine their talents to make sure your website looks great and shows up all over the Internet.

    Our services include:

    Responsive Layout Designs - Variety of styles to choose from

    Updated Website Design - Free website re-design every two years

    Unlimited Content Changes - Make changes to your website by emailing us or calling our support line

    Dashboard - User friendly dashboard to see your forms, traffic, and more

    Domain Name - A domain for your website will be purchased for you

    Specialty Specific Library - Educational articles for your practice

    Logo Design - A logo will be created for your business

    Royalty-Free Stock Images - Images that look great on your website

    Request an Appointment - Ability for visitors on your website to request appointments

    Patient Intake and HIPAA Forms - Makes life more efficient for your patients

    Google Maps - One click directions on your website so new patients don't need to call for directions

    Technical Support - Email and Phone support for your website

    Dedicated Hosting - 99.9% uptime with dedicated hosting support

    Web Statistics - Google Analytics Integration to see your website traffic

    Review Generation - Utilize our easy to use tools to generate positive reviews by emailing or texting

    Real Time Reputation Reporting - An email will be sent to you, notifying you whenever someone writes a review about your business

    Reviews Postcards/Business Cards - Postcards or Business will be sent to your office to hand out to patients who you feel would write a positive review on the internet

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  • >Orthopedic Internet Marketing

    Search Engine Optimization

    We increase the visibility of your dental website in organic search results within major search engines.

    Citations / Business Listings

    We list your practice on multiple healthcare directories to build authority for your practice

    CMS - Orthopedic Blogging

    We give your readers valuable medical content that shows up in search engines on page one of google.
    Click here for a sample blog post

    Google Maps

    We manage & optimize your Google, Bing & Yahoo Maps; it's an important part of any local search marketing strategy.
    Click here for a sample Google Maps page

    Social Media Management

    We create and update your social media accounts to help businesses find new customers & grow their social media presence.
    Click here for a sample Facebook page
    Click here for a sample Google+ page

    Search Engine Submission

    We submit your business to 25+ search engines manually to boost visibility and attract new patients.

  • >Reputation Reviews

    What Review Generation & Reputation Monitoring Can Do for Your Business:

    We help your business take a proactive approach to managing your brand online
    Push your brand to the forefront with positive reinforcement
    Preserve your brand’s reputation and good name
    Push down negative reviews
    Stay in control of your online reputation
    We keep you informed of what others are saying about your business

    We are committed to providing the best service we possible can. Let us know how we are doing by submitting a Google review!

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  • >Real Time Reputation Dashboard

  • >Review Postcards

    Invite your patients to review your practice with an elegant postcard they can keep and share.

  • >Back End Customer Dashboard

  • >Orthopedic Website Narrator

    Add a virtual spokesperson to your website. Studies show that you have about 18 seconds to grab a person's attention. With our talking spokesperson, you will have the viewer's attention.

  • >Call Tracking

    We feel that in order to analyze how your website is helping your practice, it is important to know how many new patients have originated from your website. With phone call tracking, you can quantify the performance of your website by tracing patient phone calls and determining which calls originated from your website. We will assign your website a unique tracking phone number that allows us to measure and review all phone calls that come from your website. All incoming calls are routed from your unique tracking number to your office's regular phone line, where it will ring as usual.

    Phone call tracking allows you to monitor traffic from your website in 3 distinct ways. First, you are able to view and track every phone call that your practice receives. You will receive real-time reporting of each phone call and you are provided with information such as the caller's telephone number, location, and when available, name, address, and demographics. Second, phone call tracking identifies the advertising source of the call, such as your website or Google Adwords. In this way, you can determine where most of your patient calls are coming from. Third, since all patient calls are recorded, you can review and listen to any of them anytime you want. You are able to return missed calls and in turn, respond to potential patients.

    Click the Audio's to view sample files

  • >Advanced Social Media Management

    Many business owners are quickly beginning to realize the impact social media can have on their business. In an age where social media and consumer generated content dominate the Internet, it is only natural for your patients/customers to be researching and talking about you online. Let DoctorsInternet.com manage your social media presence and let you concentrate on what you do best.

    How it works: We create a social media presence for you which builds on itself, including:

    • Designing and properly maintaining social channels such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wordpress & FourSquare.
    • Publishing professionally selected content/pictures to all sites on your social networks and your blog three (3) times a week.
    • Creating marketing materials for you such as postcards that you can give to your current customers/patients in an effort to generate likes, followers and fans using QR codes and “tiny urls” either from their phones or computers.
    • Sending out a monthly newsletter via email to your current customers/patients and new users who have signed up to follow you about promotions, specials and new information about your practice.
    • Adding widgets on your website so users can sign up for email lists, like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter and generate Google +1 directly from your website.

    The Result:

    • All content posted to your social media channels will be seen not only by your current customers/patients but by their connections as well, in an effort to get you new customers/patients.
    • All of this social media networking builds authority with Google and other search engines which will push your website higher in searches in your local area.
  • >Adwords Pay Per Click

    Pay-per-Click advertising such as Google Adwords is the only way to GUARANTEE that your business will be on the first page of a Google search. Additionally, Adwords gets you to the top of Page 1 quicker than any other form of online marketing. Marketing through Adwords can achieve optimal results in just a few days, where organic marketing can take 3-4 months.

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